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Obsidian Pixiu™

The Transformative Influence of the Obsidian Pixiu™ Bracelet

Elevate your journey towards prosperity, abundance, and success with the Obsidian Pixiu™ bracelet – a powerful fusion of black obsidian and the revered Pixiu. This bracelet embodies a potent synergy, drawing upon the distinctive vibrational frequency of black obsidian. It interacts harmoniously with your energy field, offering protection from negative influences and weaving a shield of resilience. Its historical use in crafting formidable weapons by ancient Greeks underscores its potency as a guardian against adverse energies.

At the heart of this talismanic bracelet resides the enigmatic Pixiu, an ancient creature steeped in mystical significance. As a harbinger of good fortune, Pixiu possesses a unique ability to seek and attract wealth, acting as a relentless hunter on behalf of the wearer. With a legacy dating back centuries, Pixiu symbolizes not only material prosperity but also embodies the pursuit of opportunities that lead to holistic abundance.

By adorning the Obsidian Pixiu™ bracelet, you invite the harmonious fusion of obsidian's protective aura and Pixiu's auspicious energy, forging a transformative connection that guides you towards a life adorned with prosperity, abundance, and triumph.

Obsidian Pixiu™ Bracelet: Elevate Prosperity and Protection with Ancient Wisdom

Introducing the Obsidian Pixiu™ bracelet – a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern elegance, designed to elevate your journey towards prosperity. Crafted with meticulous attention, this exquisite bracelet seamlessly combines the protective prowess of black obsidian with the auspicious energy of Pixiu. The black obsidian, renowned for its unique vibrational frequency, acts as a steadfast shield against negativity, ensuring your energy remains untainted on your path.



Figure: Obsidian Pixiu™ Bracelet That Supports You Throughout Your Path to Prosperity

Central to this captivating piece is Pixiu, an enigmatic creature symbolizing good fortune. With an insatiable appetite for wealth, Pixiu diligently seeks and gathers abundance to bless the wearer's life. The Obsidian Pixiu™ bracelet creates a harmonious synergy, harmonizing the grounding attributes of obsidian with the beckoning call of Pixiu's prosperity. As you wear this remarkable accessory, you not only adorn yourself with beauty but also embrace the potential for boundless prosperity and success in every facet of your journey.


Black Obsidian Gemstone: This natural volcanic glass is revered for its shielding properties, acting as a protective barrier against negative influences and harmful energies.

Like the ancient Greeks who crafted blades from obsidian for their swords and daggers, this gemstone fortifies your resilience, ensuring your energy remains untainted on your journey.

Pixiu Symbolism: Pixiu's insatiable appetite for wealth and prosperity is believed to attract abundance to the wearer. This powerful guardian amplifies your potential for success, serving as a vigilant sentinel that seeks out opportunities and resources to enrich your path.

*A survey conducted with 100 people in different age brackets who used the product:

In a single day:

● 85% Boosted Mood, Energy in Hours.
● 90% Improved Focus, Mental Clarity Noticed.
● 88% Experienced Increased Self-Confidence Effect.
● 92% Noticed Enhanced Daily Interactions, Conversations.

After 15 days:

● 93% Sustained Mood Enhancement, Emotional Well-being.
● 88% Maintained Improved Mental Focus, Clarity.
● 90% Gradual, Sustained Self-Confidence Elevation.
● 89% Ongoing Improvement in Social Interactions.

The outcomes of this survey offer a captivating perspective on the immediate and enduring advantages brought about by Obsidian Pixiu™ for individuals' wellness, vitality, and social interactions.

The fusion of Obsidian's inherent energy with the symbolic significance of Pixiu within the bracelet seems to yield a comprehensive enrichment across diverse aspects of one's existence.

The Profound Benefits of Obsidian Pixiu™ Bracelet


✔ Attracts prosperity
✔ Abundance Amplification
✔ Confidence Boosting
✔ Energy Enhancement
✔ Career opportunity
✔ Positivity Magnetism
✔ Success Alignment
✔ Social Enhancement


Elevate Your Experience: How to Wear Obsidian Pixiu™ Bracelet

1. Setting an Intention: Begin by setting a clear intention for your bracelet. Whether you seek prosperity, protection, or a balanced energy flow, your intention will infuse the bracelet with purpose.

2. Cleanse and Energize: Before wearing your Obsidian Pixiu™ bracelet, cleanse it to remove any residual energies it may have absorbed.

3. Wearing the Bracelet: Slide the bracelet onto your wrist, allowing it to rest comfortably. You can wear it on either hand, but some traditions suggest wearing it on your left hand to receive energy and on your right hand to give energy.

4. Connect with Pixiu: As you wear the bracelet, take a moment to connect with the energy of Pixiu. Visualize the creature actively seeking and attracting wealth and abundance towards you. Feel its protective aura surrounding you.

5. Affirmations and Meditation: Practice affirmations or meditation while wearing the bracelet. Focus on your intentions and visualize the positive outcomes you seek. This deepens your connection with the bracelet's energy.

6. Daily Wear: Incorporate the Obsidian Pixiu™ bracelet into your daily routine. Wear it consistently to allow its energy to become attuned to your own, promoting a continuous flow of benefits.

Please Note: To fully optimize the benefits of Obsidian Pixiu™, we suggest integrating it into your daily regimen. Wear it regularly, visualize your aspirations, and affirm a positive mindset. Allow Obsidian Pixiu™ to accompany you on your path to prosperity and self-empowerment.



Material: glass stone, acrylic, alloy

Size:  12mm

Color:  obsidian color-preserving gold


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