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Discover The Half-functioning Boy Who Stopped Kicking In His Mother’s Womb

Written by Michaela B. Walters | Medically Reviewed by Dr Georgia Swift, MD, 13th January 2021

This pregnant mother suddenly couldn’t feel her baby’s kicks anymore. Although her baby was born into the world, he grew up to become known as the “half-functioning” boy. Dexter had suffered a stroke while still developing in the womb, causing one-sixth of his neurons to be destroyed, which then affected the use of one side of his body as well as caused learning disabilities in the future.

As his mother was expecting to raise a disabled son, Dexter defied doctors’ expectations and eventually went on to make a miraculous recovery that stunned the medical world. With the help of a holistic healer from Egypt and the grace of God, Dexter started to regain control of both sides of his body. Impressively, he even won an international mathematics competition.


The brain is the captain of our body despite weighing only 3 pounds. It also consists of more than 100 billion nerves that send signals and information through connections known as synapses. It is far more complex than any other organ in the human body as the brain has commands over our thoughts, memory, intelligence, creativity, and emotions. However, the brain, like other parts of our bodies, can suffer from damage too.


Figure: The human brain without stroke (left) and stroke detected on the right.

The greater the blood pressure, anxiety, and stress level, the higher the risk of having a stroke attack. A stroke usually occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is blocked or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, leading to diminished or no blood supply and nutrients to the brain tissues. A lack thereof would result in the death of brain cells within mere minutes.

Stroke has three primary types:

Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) involves a blood clot that usually resolves on its own.
Ischemic Stroke can be caused by a blood clot or plaque in the artery.
Hemorrhagic Stroke can be caused by a burst or leaking of blood vessels into the brain.

Brain cell death affects brain function causing various signs and symptoms, including paralysis or numbness of either one side of the body or both, trouble speaking, and blurred vision. Thus, prompt treatment is crucial to avoid irreversible brain damage.


Stroke symptoms may be relieved when sufficient oxygen is delivered to the brain. Increased oxygen supply to the damaged neuron cells will reverse the signs and symptoms associated with stroke. Furthermore, it improves brain function and concentration like never before. This is done through the medical administration of oxygen. However, such conditions can also be improved through our Seven main energy centers or chakras.

Chakras are the energy points in our body that must remain open for optimum well-being. This is because chakras correspond to specific nerves, major organs, and other areas of the body that need the energy to function effectively, which affects our overall well-being, from our emotional and psychological to physiological well-being.

Blockage of any energy points will result in illnesses varying from mental, psychological, and physiological diseases, disrupting our body's natural processes and capacity to heal. Thus, when we are aware and are constantly ensuring that our chakras are open and receiving constant energy flow, our overall health conditions can improve.

There is a total of 7 chakras in our body:

One of the methods to unblock the energy centers in the body is by using either healing crystals or stones as they resonate at the same frequency as a chakra. Meaning they react and vibrate the same way our bodies do.

Chakra healing also greatly promotes blood circulation and oxygenation as it stimulates the reconstitution of blood and cells, allowing the body to bounce back more quickly from any ailments.

This also allows the body to heal by reaching into the deepest layer for our body to detoxify it from within. It also significantly improves the natural ability of the body to heal itself more efficiently while promoting a healthier mind with stronger memory, increased concentration, and better problem-solving skills.

Lava Stone- Lava stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It relieves stress, helps support emotional balance, and provides protection against negativity. They are also porous stones that allow essential oils to diffuse all day.
Amethyst- Targets the Crown Chakra and helps the brain relax and heal. It focuses on treating headaches, mental illness, and lack of coordination.
Lapis Lazuli- Focused on the Third Chakra, it improves brain healing from strokes, sharpens, improves neurocognitive function, and enhances concentration and problem-solving skills.
Blue Turquoise- Directed at the Throat Chakra, it helps to balance the fluids in the brain, hormonal imbalances, and frequent mood swings.
Emperor Stone- Targets the heart Chakra and deals with cardiovascular illnesses, lung diseases, breast cancer, high blood pressure, and muscle tension.
Tiger Eye- Focused on Solar Plexus Chakra, resolves problems with digestion, chronic constipation, and memory loss.
Amber Resin- Intended for Sacral Chakra, helps to strengthen brain tissues, and reduce depression, allergies, and sexual problems.
Onyx- Directed at the Root Chakra, it relieves extreme fatigue, severe low back pain, depression, and cold hands and feet.

Aromatherapy is also gaining traction for its ability to help stroke patients, particularly Lavender essential oil. Although lavender oil is widely known as a natural sedative, antidepressant, and analgesic, it is not known for its healing properties when it comes to stroke.

Chemical composition of lavender:

1,5-Dimethyl-1-vinyl-4-hexenylbutyrate was the main constituent of essential oil (43.73%), followed by 1,3,7-Octatriene, 3,7-dimethyl- (25.10%), Eucalyptol (7.32%), linalool (3,7-dimethylocta-1,6-dien-3-ol), and Camphor (3.79%).

Linalool (3,7-dimethylocta-1,6-dien-3-ol) Oxidative stress is one of the main reasons for the significant cell damage that occurs in patients suffering from a stroke. Reduction in oxidative stress is vital for minimizing and reversing the signs and symptoms of stroke as well as preserving neurological functions. Linalool, found in lavender oil, has neuro-protective properties that prevent the occurrence of oxidative stress in the brain.

Linalool (3,7-dimethylocta-1,6-dien-3-ol) Oxidative stress is one of the main reasons for the significant cell damage that occurs in patients suffering from a stroke. Reduction in oxidative stress is vital for minimizing and reversing the signs and symptoms of stroke as well as preserving neurological functions. Linalool, found in lavender oil, has neuro-protective properties that prevent the occurrence of oxidative stress in the brain.

***Recent studies by Hancianu M. confirmed that lavender has neuroprotective and cognitive improvement effects in some Alzheimer’s disease patients through its antioxidant properties that could protect neurons from neurotoxicity, associated with improvements in learning, memory, and overall cognitive health.***

Figure: These MRI images show an ischemic stroke as it is happening and as it recovers after treatment with lavender and chakra healing.

Figure: Brain Topographical map of the distribution of alpha brainwave activity. The red areas indicate a considerable increase of power in the bilateral temporal and central areas during lavender inhalation.


27-year-old Charlie G. is a graduate student taking her Ph.D. degree in psychology. The demands of her education and life problems left her constantly stressed, doing tasks one after another without rest. Her journey with Chakra began when she began experiencing drooping of her face, uncontrollable drooping, chronic headache, and loss of taste.

Prior to trying out chakra healing crystals and lavender oil, Charlie had already experienced paralysis on one side of her face, sensitivity to sound, drooling, and headache. Her grades have suffered due to her delayed and unimpressive work. Feeling helpless, she was close to getting expelled due to her constant poor grades. She feared losing her dreams and everything she worked so hard for in just a matter of days. She sought out treatments from one physician to another. Charlie even tried countless procedures, drank various medications, and prayed to every god, but to her disappointment, nothing was effective.

Day 3

Charlie had a history of pain around the jaw and headaches. However, upon using the chakra healing crystals and lavender oil in just a few days, she no longer felt the pain that continuously plagued her. She also felt an improvement in her facial paralysis as she gradually began regaining control of her face which brought tears to her eyes.

Day 8

After a week, Charlie turned the tables around by scoring near-perfect scores on all her exams, surpassing 800 students. She studied without end, constantly reading and taking notes. All it took for her to memorize an entire semester's worth of notes was reading them once. Her friends and family were pleasantly surprised to see just how much her condition improved in just a few days, her face is no longer drooping and her constant drooling has ceased!

Day 15

In less than a month, Charlies was able to publish research after research, becoming one of the most famous and most cited Psychology students all over the world, and was offered a job as a professor at the faculty of psychology at one of the top universities in her city. Charlie wept for hours after fully recovering, she thought that the condition would become the end for her. She cried for all the nights she lay awake, thinking about what she would do if she survived her illness. However, with the bracelet's help, she was able to chase her dreams and exceed her expectation

"Lavender oil not only saved my life but also saved my career. It is a simple yet powerful solution to my health and educational problem. It honestly changed my mind. It significantly improved my memory, mental sharpness and helped me become the best in my field. I achieved a feat that will go down in history, all thanks to this holistic treatment!"

-Charlie Grande, Student, 27

It is fundamental to keep our energies open for some semblance of balance in our life, be it physical, emotional, or mental. Balance and energy are significant, without them we would be mere ghosts of what we can become. Gain energy and live your life sickness free! Click the link to know more!