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From Aches To Burning Pain

The body relies on constant, harmonious communication between muscles and the nervous system. However, due to genetics or environmental factors, this harmony can turn into chaos.

From delayed muscular development in children, stress from physical activities, surgery, and even arthritis- we face a constant maelstrom to keep our bodies in tip-top working condition.

Behind The Death Of Muscle

Muscle atrophy mainly occurs when the protein degradation within cells exceeds that of synthesis. Whilst muscle deterioration can be triggered by a lack of proper nutrition, inactivity, or aging, it can also be caused by other chronic diseases. For example, cancer, heart failure, immunity disorders and sepsis.

Recent research in mice has discovered a separate biological reason behind the loss of muscle strength. Called sarcopenia, it occurs when calcium within muscle cells, otherwise known as myocytes, begins to lose calcium. The specific myocytes involved in this leakage are the ryanodine receptor channel complex and it ultimately leads to restriction in the muscle fibers’ ability to contract.

The Truth Of Nerve Damage

The nervous system is mainly comprised of three types of cells known as neuronal, glial, and stromal cells. Through electrical and chemical signals, the nervous system communicates with the spinal cord which acts as a connection between the body and the brain.

In the case of nerve damage, the side effects can range from slight discomfort to life-long impairment. In modern medicine, the severity of nerve damage is characterized by the presence of demyelination, damage of axons, and connective tissue of the nerves.

Building From The Feet Up

Discovered by ancient physicians from as far back as 2330 B.C., the soles of the feet are connected to the entire human body through a network of nerves. Pressure points on the soles activate these neural pathways connected to specific systems and organs.

Recent research into these pressure points has shown their ability to cause physiological and biochemical changes within the body.

Acupressure has proven to be a non-invasive treatment able to encourage an increase in blood circulation within injured muscles. This boosts the body’s ability to remove toxins from injuries and bring in necessary nutrients instead to aid in self-healing.

It is also able to aid the body’s lymphatic system to clear out waste matter and lactic acid from within the muscle tissues. This step allows for faster healing and strengthening of injured muscles.

Magnetic Therapy: The Best Therapist For A Nervous System

Using the body’s natural magnetic and electric fields, magnetic therapy has been proven to aid in treating arthritic and nerve pains. However, regular magnets aren’t of any medical use. Instead, the body requires specific magnetization in order to respond to treatment.

The regeneration of axon cells is the main method of encouraging recovery of peripheral nerve damage in the human body. Research into magnetic stimulation within the medical field has shown that it can increase the production of axon cells within the affected areas.

This increases the ability of motoneurons to stimulate the regeneration of axons into sensory and motor nerve branches.

A Journey With Tashen™

Richard, 72, was a veteran of the police force and active hunter in his youth before years of high-impact work negatively affected his body. Starting with rheumatism, eventually, he lived on a cocktail of painkillers and physical therapy to manage the pain and stiffness that made his life an impossible challenge.

Day 3

It was difficult to walk at first. But with the support of my family and a walking frame, I was able to walk each morning while wearing Tashen™. Eventually the walking came easier though the pain was still a challenge.

Day 6

Walking without aid is a lot easier now. I’ve gone from a wheelchair to walking up and down the street to the store on my own. Even the pain is fading and I haven’t had to depend on my pain medication at all today.

Day 9

It’s been years since I’ve looked forward to leaving my bed. But this morning, I practically hopped out like a child. Tonight was my 40th anniversary with my wife and we went dancing again like we did in our early years. I feel like I’m dancing on air.

Day 12

I took my grandsons’ hiking. By the time we got up to the peak, they were all out of energy, but I could climb the mountain ten more times. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this, but Tashen™ has saved my life and given me a second chance.

A survey among doctors in U.S.A has shown that muscular pain and fatigue are the highest reason for patient visits, with up to 93% of Americans facing a decline in strength by the early age of 30.

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